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Related post: Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 09:39:26 -0400 From: The Mariner free pre teen fucking in Boston, alone and it was cold as only Boston can be in December. He had found a bar on Washington Ave and ducked inside for a beer and warmth. Sitting at the bar, he noticed that there were only men sitting in the booths and sexy pre teen forum one other pre teen underwear pics at the bar besides him. pre teen 14 yo That pre teens 15 desnudas clued him that it probably was a gay bar. He ordered a Schlitz from the pre teen photos videos bartender and noticed he was a stunning hunk of a man and a twinge went through his cock he was so horny. When pre teenage girls models he pre teen female models brought his beer, he spoke to Paul and pre teens naked girls introduced himself as Reid. Paul could not help but notice the huge bulge in his tight jeans as he obviously displayed it for his inspection, his cock jumped to a full hard. Hurting in its restricted space of his jeans, he attempted to adjust it and Reid commented and admired what he saw.Paul sat there while Reid served another customer and pre teenys an older pre teen girl cuties man had tried to buy him a beer. Another customer free pre teen nudist sent him pre teen fucking pics a beer and when he singled his thanks, the guy started to move his way and he nodded him off asking Reid to return the beer but was told not necessary, the guy understood. A much younger but attractive guy sat next to him and said "hi, what's up", Paul hardcore pre teen sex thought he was trying to put the make on him with the comment but found out he was wrong. His name is Jerry and they talked about pre teens nude art the bar and gay people that frequented it. Paul learned that Reid was very interested in him and as they talked, Reid had come back and while talking off handedly had pre teen art underage made a date with Paul for after the bar closed at midnight. Paul had wanted Reid to ask him and he was excited. As he underaged pre teen porn and Jerry took long pulls on their beer's, he heard Jerry whisper "Paul you are one lucky dude that you pre teen nude girls pre teen photo met someone like xxx tiny pre teens Reid, he is one hell of a man", Paul agreed silently as he watched Reid walk away.As the evening wore on, Jerry and Paul talked about the holidays pre teens pictures alt pre teen porne and plans. Jerry was heading home to New pre teen porn sites York City to be with his parents, leaving on Friday by AmTrak. Paul told pre teen nymphets Jerry he would probably spend Christmas in the barracks since smallest tits pre teen he was just coming pre teen topless off leave and didn't have any more he could take. Reid child porn pre teen returned and refreshed their beers on the house giving Paul a knowing porn pre teens grin each time he passed. Paul couldn't help but think "man, am I lucky to run up on this stud". He pre teen naked pics didn't pre teen pussy hair hear Jerry for a moment and then he turned his head to hear him saying, "gee Paul that is naturism pictures pre teen tough but he pre teen nn models thought he might have a pretty nice holiday anyway", his eyes pedo and pre teen glittering as he did.Paul looked at him and said "you really think so Jerry?" Looking at where Reid was standing tending another customer, he model pre teen underwear said "Paul if I naked pre teen schoolgirls know Reid and I think I do, I pre teen cartoon would bet he asks you to spend the holiday with him".Paul hung pre teen magazine pics his head down slightly and told Jerry "awwww I don't know about erotica pre teen nudes that Jerry, we have just met". Jerry chuckled low and said "and having just met, I noticed how fast he hit on you, that is not usual for Reid, he is much more careful about who he wants"."Damn Jerry", Paul said, "what don't you know about him?" Leaning towards Paul, Jerry said "not very much Paul, we were pre teennude girl pictures lovers for almost a year." Paul leaned back and took pre teen japanese sex another look at Jerry. In the dim bar lights Paul could see a pre teen nude sites young guy maybe around 23, clean cut with light brown hair and grey eyes, maybe hazel in the light. Sitting on the stool he took him to pre teens nude girls be maybe 5'7" or so, with a slender build. Jerry's open throated shirt was form fitting and he could see defined pecs and nice shoulders with a very narrow waist where his shirt tucked models pre teens into the waistband pre teens fotos of his tight fitting jeans that showed a nice bulge at his crotch and solid thighs.Paul sat there for pre teens pictures models a moment thinking and then he heard Jerry say "you approve." Paul started and stammered "gee Jerry, I am sorry for staring like that". Jerry chuckled again nn pre teen girls and said nn pre teens tgp "no problem Paul, I would have been disappointed if you haden't." Paul noticed that Jerry always had a slight smile and a low sexy chuckle. Thinking to himself pics pre teens Paul thought "damn, if Reid had not hit on him first, he could go for Jerry." As if reading his thoughts Jerry leaned towards Paul again and said "too bad Reid got there first Paul but that's my luck." Paul looked into Jerry's eyes and he could see the desire in them and felt bad about it.Reid stopped in front of them and asked Jerry if he would be able to make it home, the snow seemed to have picked up a little. Jerry responded "I will be okay Reid, you know the subway is only a block from my apartment and I use the concourse when the weather is bad." Paul asked Jerry "where do you live Jerry?" Jerry looked at Reid and said "over in Charlestown, not that far really". Paul knew it was a little further then he was sex underwear pre teen letting on, he was in the Shipyard in Charlestown pre teen sexi and it took about 30 minutes riding the subway but he didn't say anything else.Jerry looked at the clock and said "hey I free pre teen forums better get going, it is almost 12". He stood up and extended his hand for Paul and when Paul took it, he felt a card in his hand. They shook hands and Jerry wished Paul a Merry Christmas pre teen nubile since he probably would not see him before then. Leaning over the bar, he gave pre teen photography naked Reid a quick peck on the cheek pre teen girl models extending the same holiday greeting porn sex pre teen and walked towards pre teen model swimwaer the door slipping into his leather jacket flipping his scarf over his left shoulder.He heard Reid give a sigh and say "damn sure glad he won't be alone for Christmas". Reid looked at Paul and told him he would be closing up in 20 minutes and then they could have a drink of something besides beer. Paul said," yeah Reid, that would be nice but how far do you live?" Reid smiled and said "not pre teens incest far Paul, you won't even get your feet wet." Paul looked puzzled at that remark but Reid had walked away to start closing up. As Reid walked away, Paul glanced down at the card Jerry had pressed into his hand. He saw Jerry's name and a number with the words "if it don't ukrainian pre teen models work out, call me if you like." Paul stuffed the card into his jeans pocket.Reid was busy putting bottles in empty cases, wiping the bar down and emptying ash trays. The guys that were left noticed Reid making his preparations to close and finished their beers. Walking out the called out "see you tomorrow Reid". Reid waved and told them to be careful in the snow. Paul watched Reid pulling the cash from the register and placing it in a canvas bank bag. The front bartender walked up and handing his pre teens ilegal porno cash bag to Reid, bid him goodnight, the bar was empty except for them.Paul watched Reid walk around pre teen girls topless the end of the bar towards him and pre teen boys pictures he swiveled around on his stool. Reid walked right up the middle of Paul's spread legs and holding japanese pre teenz the Boy pre teen cash bags in his left hand, he placed his right hand pre teenage girls pictures behind pre teen model board Paul's head pre teens barley legal and pressed his lips against pre teen girls modeling Paul's, his tongue probing for entrance. Paul opened his lips and he felt Reid's tongue shoot in twisting and feeling deep in his mouth while he murmered "oh baby, have I been looking for you" pressing his steel hard cock into Paul's crotch searching for his manhood. Paul wrapped his arms around Reid's waist pulling him tight into his crotch and he felt a wave of pure desire sweep over him as he pressed himself tight against Reid's swollen cock. Breaking their kiss, Paul leaned back and said "oh god man, do you taste good". Reid nuzzled Paul's nose with his and nude pre teen pictures said "likewise Paul,likewise want models pre teen pre teenporn to go upstairs?" Paul jumped off of the stool.Walking back further into the bar, he anal pre teen fuck watched as Reid pre teen nudes pictures opened a large wall safe and place the bags inside. Looking at Reid, pre teen pics Paul said "you leave all that money in here?" Reid pre teen toons chuckled and told Paul to watch for a minute. Walking pre teen pink over pre teen cunny to a locked door, he watched Reid take a ring of keys from his belt and unlock the heavy lock. When pre teen free porno Reid opened the door a forbidden pre teens pics jet black Doberman walked out and nuzzled Reid in the crotch as Reid stroked pre teen nympho and patted his head. Turning his head, the Doberman saw Paul and dashed toward him growling pre teen nude pics with his teeth gleaming, Reid barked, "Sean, sit, stay". The Doberman stopped and sat in front of Paul not taking his eyes off of him. Paul was frozen where he stood and he lost his hard cum coated pre teens in an instant watching that beautiful but he knew deadly animal.Reid walked over to where they were standing with a smile on his face. When he got to them, he took Paul's hand and held it in front ukraine pre teen cumshots of the dogs muzzle and Paul did not pre teen galleries move but felt the dog sniff and then lick his pre teen movie hand. Leaning down Reid spoke to the dog, "everything is alright Sean, everything is alright" and Paul released his breath in a long pre teens pono low sigh. Looking at Reid, Paul said "shit innocent pre teens man, you could have warned me before you opened that damned door". Chuckling, Reid said "now boys pre teen sex you know why I don't worry about leaving the money in the wall safe". Continuing he said "Sean patrols the bar at night and I believe he sleeps behind the front pre teen web cam bar, but he was not sure petite pre teen nude about that since he moves around. No pre teen magazne models one knows Sean is in the bar at night except Jerry and now you as he spoke to Sean telling him to "watch". Paul said "thanks a lot but you scared about 10 years off my life and my cock might never get hard again after that." Reid stepped close to Paul and running his hand up pre teen nudes under his sweater and down the pre teen incest pron curvature of his spine feeling his lat muscles, he whispered "I think pre teen sex pic we can take care of that pretty quickly." pre teen nude pictuers Paul sighed again from his touch leaning against him, the back of his hand brushed against angels pre teen vombat Reid's hard cock.Turning and closing the door to Sean's pre teen school girl cubicle, Reid took Paul's hand and led him to another door that he unlocked with another key and opened and Paul saw a erotic stories pre teen set of stairs leading up. Reid clicked on the lights and as he was walking russian pre teens vagina up the pre teen boy sex stairs, Paul was watching his ass cheeks moving and his cock started pre teen porno fuck to get hard again.TO BE CONTINUEDComments and suggestions to
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